When you are injured or unwell... when you are facing the unknown... when nothing makes sense and you’re not sure where to turn, you can turn to us because we will be there. Any time, day or night, we can be by your side.

Patient Advocate provides professional and affordable assistance to those who need it within the Australian health system.

As your independent advocate, we can help steer you through what could otherwise be a stressful, frightening and confusing time. We can negotiate, mediate and where necessary, intercede on your behalf to help you achieve the best overall health result. In crisis situations we can be your professional and objective supporter, ensuring your case is handled with care, compassion and foresight.

If you are a patient who feels you are being rushed into making medical decisions without fully understanding your options, a family member who wants to ensure your loved one gets the care they need or a practitioner who is worried about a potential dispute or patient-care issue, Patient Advocate can help.

From Hospitals to Home Care

Patient Advocate is proud to be one of Australia’s first providers of independent advocacy services in hospitals, medical centres, nursing homes and home based care. With two key service options available, we can be by your side for the one-off health event or help you over the longer term.

We offer training courses for advocates via the Patient Advocate Insititute.

Contact Us

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